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Braun Oral B Pro 6000 NEW


New top of the range Oral-B electric toothbrush: the PRO 6000 SmartSeries. It has more calculation power than the Apollo 12 guidance system. Intelligent Bluetooth® connectivity. A performance app that acts like an oral care personal trainer, optimizing your brushing technique and helping you reach your goals.

Brought to you by Oral-B, the PRO 6000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush performs nearly 48,000 precision movements per minute. Oscillating, rotating and pulsating with a round head that mimics the shape of professional cleaning tools, it removes 100% more plaque than an ordinary manual toothbrush. See for yourself how it’s engineered to perform. Like no other.

  • Bluetooth® technology that will revolutionize your brushing experience. Combined with the Oral-B App, you’re able to track, monitor and chart your brushing performance.
  • Daily Clean for exceptional cleaning of teeth and gums. Deep Clean for that dentist clean feeling. Whitening for removal of surface stains and polishing. Gum Care for the gentle gum stimulation. Sensitive for gentle yet thorough cleaning of sensitive areas. And Tongue Cleaning for a cleaner tongue and fresher breath.
  • The Wireless SmartGuide syncs up with your toothbrush to give you real-time.
  • Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes. With the SmartSeries Timer, that goal is more achievable than ever.
  • When you brush too hard, the SmartGuide activates a visual warning, encouraging you to decrease pressure to protect your gums.
  • The rechargeable handle features Oral-B’s best performing battery that lasts up to 10 days between charges (when brushing 2 minutes, twice per day).

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